Somebody Take the Wheel.

You know? Being a healthcare professional in the world right now is hard. I have never had to deal with the amount of stress, disrespect, misinformation, disgust, and horror that I experience now. Today, my partner at the pharmacy I work at had a mental breakdown. 😞. He’s only been a pharmacist for a little over a year. He hasn’t had the grating experiences that callous your emotions over yet like a lot of us. I feel so much empathy for him. I know what he’s dealing with. I wish I could give him hope and tell him things will be okay… but I can’t do that if even I don’t believe it. It’s getting harder and harder to fight the beast of anxiety off your back when people keep feeding it.

This is what your local healthcare workers are going through right now. We are, generally, very good at hiding it from everyone, including those we’re closest to. It’s becoming more difficult to hold it in though. Every time you deny the existence of a disease, every time a conspiracy theory infects someone’s understanding of how things work, every time you refuse to put on a mask because your freedom is “in danger,” you’re slapping us in the face. Remember that the next time you visit your local pharmacy, clinic, hospital, etc. We may look normal on the outside. But inside, we’re beaten…. We’re screaming….

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Writer of horror, erotica, and horrerotica (totally made up). LoL

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