And Now… We Wait.

Hello everyone! Weird hearing from me, right? LoL Well, I have been SUPER busy as of late, mostly with things that are causing me great deals of stress (COVID, stupidity, people in general, the medical field, etc.). However, I have some FANTASTIC news to report! During the anguish of day to day life, I completed the story for the Monster Lover anthology contest through Violet Gaze Press and submitted it!

I am so happy, and proud of myself, for once! The story titled “Creature Comfort” is about a young woman that runs back to her childhood home after leaving her abusive boyfriend. There, she not only finds mental and emotional healing, but some physical comfort as well. It’s not exactly from the childhood “friend” she had imagined though.

Image from Wikia Warriors of MythImage from Wikia Warriors of Myth

It ended up being a little over 15,000 words long (the minimum, I know) but it truly is the longest story I’ve ever written (22 pages long). I know that may not sound like much, but I have always been the best at writing flash fiction. I can usually bust out a good story about a particular moment in time, but this was the first time it’s expanded over multiple days with actual character development, plot, etc. Even if it’s not selected for the anthology, I feel like this is a great accomplishment. I’m now finding out the hard part was not writing the story. The hard part is… the waiting. The deadline was August 12th and according to the email I received, they will be contacting authors within the next 2 weeks for updates and decisions. Literally, all weekend long, I have been riddled with anxiety and checking my phone constantly… and it’s only been 3 days!! I don’t know how I’m going to get any rest! Being an Aries, patience is not my strongest trait. I will say this is teaching me to put my energy into other things though, like laundry. LoL ANYWAY, I just wanted everyone to know how things were going and thank all of you that have supported me on this journey so far. It’s only just started, and I know there’s a long way to go, but the first step is always the hardest. I will be updating you all within the next couple of weeks with any decisions that I hear, good or bad. Again thanks for your support and love and lust to all of you!!

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