I’m Back…..

Hello, my lovely friends! It’s been a while! I have had so much on my plate recently I can’t even begin to reiterate what I’ve been going through with life, work, health, etc. It’s been a ride, and not a pleasant one. However, the good news is I’M BACK!!!! That’s right! I’ve started writing again! If there’s one thing I’m learning about myself, it’s that stress and anxiety can do one or two things: Flood my mind with creative crap, or kill it altogether. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with the latter. All the good ideas and motivation I had was dead, and not like zombie dead, I mean dead dead. But out of the ashes, new inspiration has risen! Like the great phoenix of lore, my imagination has burst forth with new life!… Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but hey, it’s exciting. So, a friend of mine brought my attention to this contest on violetgazepress.com. They’re a publisher that specializes in diverse, original, sexy romance.

I was intrigued, naturally, so I began to think about something that would fit into their theme. And then I thought of something perfect! Well… I think it’s perfect. I spent all weekend gathering and writing down my thoughts and ideas and now I’m ready to put them together into something cohesive, sexy, and a little scary… Sounds great, yeah?! I am super excited about this, but I have entered contests before and been rejected. It happens… a lot. LoL But hey, H.P. Lovecraft was rejected for a while too! I’m just trying to stay focused and follow the words of the very wise and adorable Dory: “Just keep swimming!” Wish me luck, and hopefully, I will have more updates for you soon! Love and lust to you all!

P.S. For more information on the contest or Violet Gaze Press, visit violetgazepress.com or check them out on Facebook or Twitter! Join me in the competition!

Published by ecraft409

Writer of horror, erotica, and horrerotica (totally made up). LoL

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